Friday, January 29, 2016

A Father's Love

I dare you not to shed a tear while you listen to this and read all the promises He has made to you.


  1. Ok, this is strange....I just left you this ridiculously heartfelt comment, and now it has not posted.

    I shall blame my dead, (by hanging in 2012) husband/father of my little boy whom --was 3 at the time (right?)

    Would so totally be fulfilled to talk to another member of this ridiculous club that neither one of us signed up for.....YEP you were 35 and I was 37..,...Boo.

    Best- Holly

  2. Ok, girl .... Here I am. I am crying right now reading your blogs. We are one and the same.
    He really messed with me, and I moved away, and I am doing the best I can with my little boy.....thank you for putting yourself out there.

    1. I lost my best friend because of a suicide. Doesn't that count?

    2. Your comment doesn't make much sense to me. Why wouldn't it "count?"